So The Year is ending

And we're shakin shit up! But, before that, we want to end the year with a bang. We're coming out with TWO special issues for our readers - Skidmark #18: Distance and a mini zine, Skidmark's New Year Disillusions. Hit us up if you have any questions on either of those. 
And there's more! We're finally getting merch!
We wanted to start 2018 off big with fresh Skid shirts for y'all (and us too, let's be honest). So for our very first shirts, we want your input. Below is a poll of our fave hashtags of 2017. The tag with the most votes is going on our tees. You have the rest of the year to vote, so don't panic. But, also, get that shit in. You want shirts right? 
Follow us on Insta @skidzine for updates! And as always, stay shitty, y'all. 

Your Skidmark Fam
Lindsey, Ariel, David and John